A Deeper Knowledge of God

08 Jul

Many who profess faith seem to think that Christianity is something to add to their already busy lives, not something that controls, constrains, and shapes their vision and all of their goals. The Princeton Religion Research Center, which studies religion in America, has demonstrated that the slight increase during th elast ten years in Americans attending church must be set against the marked decline in professing American Christians who think that there is an essential connection between Christianity and morality. The sad truth is that much American Christianity is returning to raw paganism: the ordinary pagan can be ever so religious without any necessary entailment in ethics, morality, self-sacrifice, or integrity. We need more Bible colleges and seminaries, more theologians, more lay training, more expository preaching. How else are we going to train a whole generation of Christians to think God’s thoughts after Him, other than by teaching them to think through Scripture, to learn the Scriptures well? I am scarcely in a position to criticize expository preaching and seminaries: I have given my life to such ministry. Yet I would be among the first to acknowledge that some students at the institution where I teach, and some faculty too, can devote thousands of hours to the diligent study of Scripture and yet still somehow display an extraordinarily shallow knowledge of God. Biblical knowledge can be merely academic and rigorous, but somehow not edifying, not life-giving, not devout, not guileless.” D.A. Carson, ~A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers~

We must never have just a knowledge of Scripture yet fail to apply the life changing principles of it to our life. A mere knowledge of Scripture will never do a person any good if it is not applied in life, for the Pharisees had a deep knowledge of the Old Testament and the Law and practiced the Law yet were declared by Jesus to be dirty on the inside while the outside appeared to be clean. As Christians we should be careful in the same manner to not just have a knowledge of the Bible but to apply the knowledge in our lives and live out the Gospel day by day.

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