Just pray

30 Sep

There are some times in our life when we feel helpless, we don’t know what to do or where to turn. Every Christian will experience times where they are down in a valley spiritually. Possibly discouraged due to sickness, death in the family, a midlife crisis, stress due to schoolwork, or whatever the case may be, all Christians will experience this discouragement in their life personally. I know I have felt these times where I have been so discouraged and didn’t know what to do. The only thing I could think of is prayer, and I turned to the Psalms and began reading through them. Upon turning to Psalm 55 verse 22-23 really spoke to me and challenged me, specifically verse 22. It says this, “Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken” and then the chapter ends with this phrase, “But I will trust in you.” No matter the situation or burden in his life, David realized he needed to take whatever bothered him and give it over to God in prayer, trusting in God to handle the situation. As I read through this and thought about it I thought about Psalm 23 where the Lord is compared as our Shepherd while we are the sheep. Sheep will follow their shepherd trusting fully in him to guide them to the right place, protect them, provide for them, and take care of all their needs. Consequently, who more should we need when we have God our Shepherd to turn to in prayer? Run to the comforting arms of the Shepherd, what better place to be than in the arms of our loving Lord and Savior? When discouraged and unsure what to do, just pray. Oftentimes I tend to underestimate the power and sufficiency of prayer, but if you look at all those men God has used throughout history they were the ones who turned to God for every need in prayer. George Mueller had every need provided for him by God, always praying and letting God work and provide. Though Spurgeon went through periods in his life of difficulty and oppression, prayer and Scripture was what he always turned to. The martyrs of the Christian faith always sought God daily in prayer. As the Psalmist said, cast your burdens upon God. There is no trouble, trial, or difficulty to great for the God who created the universe and miraculously provided a way of salvation for such as us. As the sheep, let us turn to the Shepherd and go to Him for every need. I hope this will be an encouragement to those who read this, I know personally there has been no greater comfort than to pray when I have been discouraged or not sure what to do. In prayer God has carried me through, as He said to Paul His “grace will be sufficient for us” in every case and scenario. I hope that everybody who reads this will see Christ through this as the only source of comfort, the One who provides for all our needs, and who is waiting for us to cast every burden we face upon Him. Turn to Christ, and pray.

Here is a short poem I wrote a few days ago, even though I am not very good at poetry this poem expresses what I have been through and how God has helped me so much.

All of my thoughts to you I give,
This one life I have to live.
To love You with my heart, mind, and soul,
While living each day under Your control.

To live is Christ and to die is gain,
Even in a life that is filled with pain.
As I look and see Christ right by my side,
He gives me comfort, and in Him I’ll forever abide.

Even when we are down in the valley of despair,
The Comforter and Shepherd will never leave you there.
If you are unsure where to turn or what to do,
Turn to Him, for His promises are always true.

Cast your burdens at the foot of the cross,
Draw near to God, even in times of loss.
Trust in God, for the Shepherd is always near,
Do not be discouraged, what is there to fear?

No matter the storm, no matter the cost,
A life lived for Christ will never be lost.
My life contains only one solitary goal,
And this is to live under God’s full control.

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