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The Eternal Bread

In preparation for a Sunday school lesson tomorrow, I have been meditating upon John 6 in addition to listening to a sermon by D.A. Carson on the subject. With tomorrow marking the first day of my summer internship, things will be busy yet fruitful. A quick thought from studying John 6 has brought to life this one truth which continually sticks out to me. As Jesus speaks to the people in John 6, He knows their true heart and motives for following Him is merely for their own financial gain and self-interest. Upon correcting their misguided and false motives, Jesus asserts one of the popular “I Am” statements found throughout the book of John by claiming to be the bread of life. His words are as follows:

“I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst.”

What powerful and penetrating words from the Messiah! Although the people were merely seeking after power, liberation from Rome, financial gain, and various other motives, Jesus asserts that the people have completely missed the point of why He came. Jesus did not come for their financial gain, to free them from Roman rule or to give them a life full of worldly things; instead He came to glorify the Father by obeying Him, dying on the cross, and freeing people all over the world from the terrible blindness of sin, opening people’s eyes to see the beauty of who He is. As we go about our busy days and schedules our days revolve more around the here and now than they do eternity; the unkind words to a friend or family member leave a hurt which may last for years, the neighbor who has not been told the wonderful news of what Christ has done is ignored. Instead of rejoicing in Jesus and what He has done, we often live with a selfish motivation of going to heaven without ever really proclaiming the Gospel to the lost or living for what truly will last. Ultimately, as the Bread of Life, Jesus died so that we might be free from sin and experience the real joy and satisfaction from a relationship with Him. As Carson put it in his sermon, His death meant our life, but our rejection of Him means our death spiritually.

I wish I could devote more time and depth to this post, however I want those who read this to be reminded of what Jesus has done. May our motivation be not for our gain, but for God’s glory. As we go through life searching for true joy and satisfaction, I pray that we might see the vanity of living for the temporal so that we might daily be caught up in the glory of Christ, partaking in the Bread of Life and the Water which leaves the soul eternally satisfied in Jesus.

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In Christ Jesus

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus