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Five Resources

Here are some resources I thought I would share first of all.  These sites are great for Bible study and sermon preparation as well.

1.  Studylight is a great study site I use with lexicons, parallel Bibles,  interlinear Bibles, lexicons, and a few commentaries.  It is a tremendous free resource if you plan on looking into the original languages or for studying a passage out in great detail.  It also has a daily devotionals section with some challenging thoughts and insightful passages to study out.

2.  Biblos is another great site with similar features but also includes maps in addition to being formatted to use on your phone.  This site generally has an easier to read and use layout and is very useful for Bible study both large and small.

3.  A personal favorite is Sermonaudio, a site which contains sermons from many excellent preachers with a few well known preachers including John MacArthur, John Piper, Paul Washer, Leonard Ravenhill, A.W. Tozer, and many others.  Excellent resource for sitting down and listening to men of God preach the Word.

4.  Got a question you want to ask or are wondering the answer to?  Gotquestions is the site for you!  It is loaded with thousands of questions asked and answered and is very useful for frequently asked questions about the Bible and the Christian faith in general.  Overall the site is very solid doctrinally but as always read with caution and discerningly as well.

5.  Wondering what commentary to use?  Well this next site has a link to each of the top recommended commentaries for every book of the Bible and is one of the most thorough and complete I have seen.  For some reason the automatic linking isn’t working but you can highlight, copy and paste the address. Thanks for this link Bro. Justin!


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In Christ Jesus

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus